Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Or really, just when you felt like you were really starting to be completely fine with being alone, you get something to remind you that your hormones still have a say in all this. To wit:

I was going through and writing down shot recipies when I came upon the following list of shot names, in their exact order:

– Screw-Meup

– A Piece Of Ass

– Absolut Sex

– Blow Job

– Muff Dive

– Orgasm

– Screaming Orgasm

– Multiple Orgasm

– Screaming Multiple Orgasm

– Sex On The Beach

– Red Headed Slut

– Purple Hooter

And I thought, I need to make sure I get a job at a lesbian bar so I have some remote chance in hell of getting laid ever again. Hopefully with a red-headed slut.

Though hopefully not with anyone with purple hooters. That’s gotta be a sign of some sort of vascular disorder or something…

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