I can see the piles and piles and piles and piles…

So, as a big giant nerd, when I was (yay! I love putting that in the past tense!) in college, I tended to be ridiculously focused on grades and such, letting some not-so-crucial things slip. This has now left me with a somewhat unintended side effect:

Giant piles of reading matter.

This is an offshoot of another problem I have, my complete inability to throw away useless shit. This has been commented on repeatedly, but this is a new facet: The Unread Stuff.

For example, I have finally started in on my massive pile of old issues of Rolling Stone, and I’m currently reading the year-end issue of, you guessed it, last year.

I’m a bit better on most of my other mags, being only about a month behind on Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Entertainment Weekly. But in Rolling Stone, I’m just now reading about the death of Ken Kesey. It’s like some sort of weird time capsule you dig up after only a year.

I also have managed to accumulate a large number of books I’ve been meaning to read. When I’m in School Mode, I am only really able to read books I’m required to, and then only with a great deal of difficulty.

But when I’m not, I read like crazy. Witness my reading of four and a half books in five days over Thanksgiving.

I am certainly not short of material: I have the three-volume Lord Of The Rings set, a two-volume Elvis biography, a 1,000+ page book on the A-bomb, and several other big, thick monstrosities awaiting my eager little eyes.

Whatever. I’ve got three weeks of nothing but frozen tundra and my dad, save for a few days in Vegas. I’m sure North Platte, Nebraska is fascinating, but I’d really rather read about hobbits.

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