I had to throw this in, it was too good to resist:

I went to check my email one last time before turning off the sweet sweet internet, and I see 2 new messages. One is just something random, the other is what catches my eye. It looks something like this:

From: Laura (The Ex)

Subject: sex part II

It turned out to be a message to the whole Rainbow Alliance listserv telling people about a sex toy workshop (the second in a series), but it certainly gave me a bit of a start when I first read it.

Of course, I realized immediately I knew this was not what it appeared to be, since a) we no longer particularly speak and b) I’m not that desperate (yet), and from what I’ve heard, she shouldn’t be. Ah, the joy of still living in the same little bubble as your ex…

But it was quite amusing, at least after getting over the minor heart attack it initially induced.

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