The Dichotomy of Ass

It’s very funny how everything comes in cycles.

Example: Most of the people I know who were in relationships last year are no longer so now (including me), and those who were single are currently in relationships.

Sarah mentioned at least the single-people-finding-love half of this equation in her livejournal earlier today, which got me thinking about it.

Before, I had seen it more as a function of My Straight Friends vs. My Queer Friends. Before, ’twas largely the Straights who were getting it and the Queers who weren’t, and this seemed to reverse. But looking over the entire phenomenon, it’s quite a bit more extensive than that.

By and large (there are a number of exceptions), anyone I knew who was with someone last year is unattatched this year, and last year’s Singletons are this year’s Smug Marrieds (or their American collegiate equivelent).

Of course, the overall trend of Gay Yay, Straight Nay in terms of gettin’ it on still holds, especially when I take into account the people I know who still live in the dorms, but I’ve noted that it’s a bit more of a universal reversal that I initially realized.

Or perhaps 2:30am in an ice-cold apartment is not the proper time for philosophications of this nature.

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