…do I like to torture myself by watching romantic comedies?

I’m a film major! I’m supposed to inherently despise these things!

I desperately want to stop. I can see the plot holes from space. I can see the developments coming a mile away. But still I watch.

Oh, there are a few good ones, usually ones that combine romantic comedy with something else. The two I watched tonight did: But I’m A Cheerleader (hybrid RomCom and Satire) and French Kiss (hybrid RomCom and Fish-Out-Of-Water Comedy).

I take incredibly guilty pleasure in watching these movies, especially because I generally end up feeling depressed and like I’m never going to meet anyone, when I’m actually just buying into an idealistic world that doesn’t exist, and deep down, I know that.

But part of me will always be waiting for the bad girl with the heart of gold to take me away, or the smirky yet sensitive Frenchman who will steal my heart.

Alas, until such time, I’m just going to have to stumble blindly through the funnel of love (you’ve gotta see But I’m A Cheerleader to know what I’m talking about) and try not to make an ass of myself with people I’m trying to convince to sleep with me.


Oh, shut up, I know what you’re thinking. So fuck you. 🙂

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