Motivate this.

I think I really only have a finite amount of motivation each night.

This is because, generally, when I first sit down to do something, I will sit down and bang stuff out and really be on the ball and get things done, and done well and quickly. Then, after about an hour of that, I start fading.

I check my email repeatedly, I read the entire Washington Post online (and occasionally, if I’m getting really desperate, the whole Trib, too), I check websites of musicians whose sites I haven’t looked at in months.

Finally, I take the away message off of IM and try and work and IM people at the same time, which is always the death of my motivation, since I’d much rather talk to my friends than do actual work.

I used my alloted motivation tonight to finally get a couple of job applications out, seeing as how they’re due tomorrow. However, this leaves me with the problem of my 3pm midterm tomorrow. I’ve been typing up my notes, since

a) they’re hard to study from because they’re essentially illegible, because my handwriting is worse than my 84 year old grandmother’s, and

b) it’s a lot easier for me to learn something by writing it down than it is to read it repeatedly.

However, my wrists are really starting to hurt from typing so much, and I actually managed to avoid taking a nap this afternoon (though not without a great deal of effort), so I think I’m going to have to stop soon, before I pitch face-first onto my keyboard.

I don’t think that would really be learning by osmosis. Learning by osmosis would be sleeping on my notes. Which I have tried before, both intentionally and unintentionally (after falling facefirst onto my notes trying not to fail The Earth As A Planet, or as the professor pronounced it, Zee Earf As A Plannette).

It doesn’t work. Not on zis Earf.

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