I went bowling tonight, and it was really great.

And, yes, I have acknowledged several times previously that I’m a big giant nerd.

I also went ice skating, which reminded me why I no longer ice skate (because it hurts my legs like a motherfucker), though it was still fun to almost fucking kill myself like eight times when I ended up spinning in a circle instead of going…anywhere.

Bowling, though, kicked ass.

I used to bowl a lot when I was a kid. I had one babysitter who was a semi-pro bowler, and who rolled 200 games on a consistent basis. She actually taught me useful things, like technique, so for a while I could roll around 125, 150.

However, it’s been a while. There are no bowling alleys in Evanston, and various sources attribute this to bowling being illegal here, though I’m not really sure that’s actually true. I haven’t been bowling since at least four years ago, so I was a bit rusty.

I did, however, manage to win the first game, and roll a decent second game, and Team Single (i went with two couples…or at least quasi-couples…don’t ask…and 3 guys) won both games in the team vs. team count, so all was well about that.

It’s nice to actually go out and do something different for once, as much as I enjoy sitting around and drinking.

Of course, then I came home to my roommate and a large number of his friends, drunk off their asses and watching Office Space, so I had to join in.

Oh come on, like you wouldn’t have.

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