Last First

It was my last first day of classes today, and I did feel a bit sad that I’m leaving school. Not because of the fabulous educational opportunities I’ll be missing. Hell, I can read books and force myself to write asinine essays on them any day.

But I am going to miss the fact that I can wake up at 10, go to class, come home and eat, fall asleep after lunch while watching TV, go to another class, sit out on the lakefill, and come home and only have 8 hours of homework to do.

I’m also gonna miss fun professors like my Sociology Of Complex Organizations (herinafter refered to as SOCO, appropriately) prof, who handed out the syllabus, explained it, called herself a type-B personality and said she generally told students to go home after giving out the syllabus, then promptly told us to go home.

Or my Italian 101 teacher, who scared the living shit out of the freshmen by refusing to speak English for the first 20 minutes of class, then later proving to have a good, solid, Chicago accent.

But I guess this is the end, and while I’m really glad I won’t have to deal with stupid shit like the Registrar fucking up the time for my Italian class and making me think I had the perfect schedule (no friday class) when in fact I don’t, or CD-ROMs included with textbooks that for all their usefulness, work far, far better as beer coasters, I’m a bit sad.

Though that’s probably because I need a job.

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