Revenge of the Monkey

I feel I should not be the only one publicly humiliated in my weblog. To wit:

Marky Monkey is coming back into town tomorrow. He called me when I had been taking a nap, so I had the following conversation with him:

Him: Can you pick me up from the airport?

Me: Yeah, sure, which one?

Him: O’Hare.

Me: Okay, what time?

Him: ….I don’t know. I think around six.

Me: You don’t know?

Him: I never know! Your mom said it’s my modus operandi.

Me: This is true.

Him: So can you pick me up?

Me: Yeah, sure. Just find your damn flight info and let me know what time.

Him: Ok, I’ll try.

He of course called back fifteen seconds later, having found the paper almost the second he hung up with me.

This is gonna be a fun quarter 🙂

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