It’s after me!

My new mouse is creeping me out.

I got an optical mouse because my old, roller-ball mouse finally conked out after three valiant years of service, clicking away on hundreds of thousands of hours of wasted time.

This new mouse however, has this little red light. And there’s a curve in the casing of the mouse so that it looks like the little red light is staring out at me from under the mouse. Basically, it looks like a turtle with infrared eyes.

When I’m trying to go to sleep, it’s really distracting because it looks like the damn thing is looking at me.

And I swear, this is not just the Vicodin for my wisdom teeth talking. This was bothering me even before I went on drugs.

I could try consciously pointing the mouse away from my bed when I go to sleep, but I have a feeling that would just make me more paranoid, and I’d have to commit myself to a mental institution.

So I think I’m just going to have to get used to the little infrared turtle staring out at me, next to my keyboard.

Either that, or get psychiatric help.

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