Not much

It’s that time: When my day was so hideously boring that there’s really not much I can say.

I feel some sort of obligation to continue to update this weblog, since I’ve managed to do it every day for the last couple of months. But today was just sort of a non-day.

I got up really late because my one class (2pm Gender and Society) was cancelled, took a shower, ate lunch, screwed around for a while, went to lab and spent three hours learning about the joy of AVID editing, then came home, ate dinner, watched the Simpsons and then read for about three hours.

Then I had a beer and tried to figure out what to write.

It’s an odd feeling, having your existence seem reduced to the bizarre shit that happens on a daily basis. It’s even odder to feel that your day is incomplete when nothing weird happens.

Well, okay, weird things did happen today, but as Obscure Store shows, they happen in great volume pretty much every day. It’s just that none of them happened to me personally, and this, certinaly, is an unusual occurence. Maybe that’s the weird thing that happened today: Nothing weird happened.

Though there’s a distinct possibility that it’s the beer talking.

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