My eyes feel like they’re gonna bleed…

I really hate the exhaustion that school brings on. It’s one thing to work your ass off 40 hours a week, but I could never be a lawyer or an investment banker or a grad student or some other profession where you have to work ungodly hours and are expected to do fantastic work on little or no sleep.

I really don’t perform too well when I’ve been consistently getting too little sleep for a month. I caught up over spring break, but now I’m back behind again.

Quitting Blockbuster (today’s my last day!) is going to help, because it will mean I can just relax on the weekends. And the fact that it’s not 85 with a nice solid slice of humidity anymore will also help.

But can I truly be stopped from wandering into walls on a permanent basis? Only time, and a great deal of sleep, shall tell.

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