10.5.2: Oh, Man… 1

Ok, I’m only half an hour in, but I’m already laughing my ass off.

The effects are spectacularly horrible, Kim Delaney should demand her money back from her plastic surgeon, and anyone who read a fucking word about the tsunami that hit southeast Asia knows that the first 10 minutes of the movie are complete bullshit.

But mostly, I’m laughing because they called “Bald Mountain, in Sun Valley” an extinct volcano. This is what Bald Mountain actually looks like:

Not terribly volcanic-looking, right? So they used an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MOUNTAIN, which looked like the bottom third of Baldy with Mt. Hood photoshopped on top of it.

And what kills me is the lengths they go to for accuracy otherwise. They talk about Ketchum, Sun Valley, and Hailey (all of which are right around Baldy) being devastated.

I mean, if you’re going to photoshop yourself an entirely different mountain, at least have the decency to make up some different town names.

Although watching a little more, I suspect the Sun Valley Company, which owns the mountain, wouldn’t let them use images of the actual mountain (since they also aren’t using the names of the actual ski lodges on the mountain when they talk about rescue operations).

And then, they cut to the rescue operations…with Carlos Bernard of 24 leading them.

God, this is going to be phenomenal.

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  1. Reply Cameron May 27,2006 6:37 am

    i would like to make the point (which is really not much of a point about anything at all) that your Bald Mountain in Sun Valley also bears little if any resemblance to the Bald Mountain featured in the segment of Fantasia called “Night on Bald Mountain.” Specifically, there is no giant demon rising from its peak.

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