Thoughts On The Sentinel

If you think you’re interested in seeing this movie, stay home and watch an episode of 24 instead.

It’s the same general concept: Someone wants to kill the President. Kiefer must stop them before they do.

Ostensibly, Michael Douglas also must do so, but he spends about two thirds of the movie running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and thus, it falls to Kiefer to actually do the stopping.

And though it’s a two-hour movie instead of an hour-long episode, Douglas’s actions make no sense for about an hour of the movie, so you’re back to an hour of watchable film.

Granted, nothing on 24 has made much sense recently, but at least they keep things moving at a brisk enough pace to keep you from pointing out how ridiculous it is until after the episode is over, whereas I was mentally deconstructing this movie by the end of the first act.

But really, this is just an extended episode of 24 where Kiefer wears a really weirdly cut suit for the whole day. Save your ten bucks and just watch 24.

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