Lost, Summed Up In Two Lines of Dialogue 3

I love Lost, but sometimes it’s maddening. I think the ethos of the show is best summed up in these two lines of dialogue from tonight’s show:

Charlie: Are you going to tell me?
Eko: (pause) Not right now.

The entire show is based around the idea that you will eventually find out what’s going on, but that, for your own good, you can’t find out yet.

And like Charlie, the audience goes on helping, trusting that they’re eventually going to find out what they’re helping to build, and that it will be something really cool.


3 thoughts on “Lost, Summed Up In Two Lines of Dialogue

  1. Reply Rebecca Apr 7,2006 1:31 am

    I think that’s part of it, but some of it could also go this way:

    Charlie: Are you going to tell me?
    Mr. Eko: When I figure it out myself.

  2. Reply Casey Newton Apr 7,2006 7:28 am

    I really like that they’re finally starting to play with the idea that the whole show is taking place in the heads of crazy people. I don’t expect that to turn out to be the case, but Hurley’s “friend” Dave sure did make a persuasive case last night.

  3. Reply Ellen Apr 7,2006 8:02 am

    At least Lost is willing to acknowledge their Giant Flaming Plot Hole issue, and do so in a humorous fashion, unlike some shows I know and love **cough cough 24 cough cough cough**.

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