I Think The Cold Has Frozen Their Brains Solid

The recent announcement of the 2005 Ig Nobel Awards for amusingly questionable science was a fun one to read about. I mean really, how often do you get to see a (real) Nobel Prize winner dressed as a giant beer?

The fake dog testicles and penguin-poop velocity calculations got all the headlines, but this one stuck out to me:

CHEMISTRY: Edward Cussler of the University of Minnesota and Brian Gettelfinger of the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, for conducting a careful experiment to settle the longstanding scientific question: can people swim faster in syrup or in water?

These men have clearly spent too much time outdoors in -30 degree weather. Their brains clearly now have frostbite.

They did promote one thing I would actually use at the ceremony: The hiding alarm clock. Seriously, I need my alarm clock to be further out of reach. That way I wouldn’t hit the snooze button nine times in a row.

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