And Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Strike 2

Back from San Diego, and sadly, it appears we’re headed down the rabbit hole for real.

I’m at least modestly heartened to hear that the sides talked for over eight hours (though apparently talks collapsed around 10). I fully expected at least one if not both sides to walk out telling the other side to go fuck themselves after a couple of hours.

I really hope something gets pounded out in the next week or two, because I fear if this isn’t settled very quickly, it’s going to go for several months.

In the meantime, these next couple of weeks should be awfully fun.

2 thoughts on “And Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Strike

  1. Reply Rebecca Nov 5,2007 6:22 am

    Yeah, I know at least one person who is hoping to use “tackled by picketers” as an excuse to be late for a call time.

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 5,2007 3:09 pm

    This is actually one time I’m glad I have to be at work at 8, since the pickets don’t go up until 9. However, I’ll still be in and out of the studio all day running errands, so it’s not like I won’t eventually have to cross the line.

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