One year ago today, I started this weblog, fully expecting to get sick of it within a few weeks and find some more useful way to waste my time. I don’t think I ever thought when I started this that it would last even three months, let alone a year.

It’s strange that I’ve actually stuck with this, mostly because I have a horribly short attention span, and I almost never stick with anything (witness my current career crisis). But for some reason, this stuck.

I think part of it has to do with my love of performance. Granted, this is a remote sort of performance, but the numbers slowly ticking up on the counter validate it and tell me that at least someone is listening.

God knows I played enough empty bars and coffeehouses (back when I was still actuall performing regularly) to appreciate an audience.

I looked back at the rules for the first time in a while, a document I wrote when I first started this silly little journal.

I still don’t link this page off the main site, mostly because I haven’t actually gotten around to updating the main site since last May, but also because of my weird attempt to convince myself my relatives don’t read this page.

This has become far more of a diary than I ever intended for it to be, though I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, mostly because I seem to be equipped with a Weird Shit Magnet, and it usually keeps this record of my life fairly entertaining.

How much longer will this last? I have no clue. Probably until I fall into another serious relationship and am too busy bitching at my significant other to post here. Maybe I’ll decide to channel more of these weird stories into music instead of venting here.

But I’m glad y’all are along for the ride, whether you’ve just been bounced here by the Blogger random blog generator, if you stumbled across this from a link from a friend, or if you’re one of my friends who’s put up with this narcissistic horseshit from day one.

If you fall into the latter category, however, I owe ya. Big time.

Thanks, guys. And I promise, there will be far, far more weird shit to come.

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