You know what drives me absolutely insane?

When I have something I need on my desk, but then I decide to clean my desk, and I put it away in a specific place thinking, I will specifically remember that I’ve put it here. Then I go to look for it and it’s not fucking there.

I spent ten minutes tearing my room apart trying to find the damn CD labels I got a few weeks ago when I bought a CD Stomper labeling dealie because I saw it at the drugstore and remembered how useful it was when I used it at work over the summer when I had to label CD’s for clients.

I thought I had put it in the drawer directly to the left of my keyboard, where I tend to dump miscellaneous computer-related shit during mad desk-cleanings, but no such luck. I looked in every drawer I own, all the little piles I have, nothing.

I eventually found it on the floor, trying to assimilate its way into the carnivorous pile of crap under my bed. I have really gotta clean out under there, otherwise I think something’s going to come out and try to bite my leg off one of these days…

I don’t know how it got down there, since I still specifically remember putting it in the desk drawer. But alas, I guess I’m just going to have to chalk it up as a sign of my declining mind.

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