I love a parade

A few selected scenes from the big gay parade:

* A bemused (but quite good) tejano band on a float for a western-wear store.

* Numerous men hitting on Eddy. One guy giving out Mardi Gras-style beads was down to his last beads, and loads of people were reaching for them, including me and his girlfriend Cleo, but the guy goes, “Oh no, this is for the cutie!” and draped them around Eddy.

“Hey, that’s my boyfriend!” Cleo said. I told her hey, Eddy could have had a shot at hittin’ that, but then I ducked to avoid the imminent bitchslap.

* Fun contrast: The three dozen churches and other various houses of worship marching with at least a couple hundred people vs. the 6 Psycho Christian protesters (“you’re all going to hell” etc. etc.). I always wonder what the real churches think of those assholes.

* Trying to get my friends Jon and Lexi to look over at me when they marched by. They couldn’t hear me, Cleo, and Eddy screaming because of loud music (Klezmer in front, techno in back), so I had to scream at the top of my lungs to get them to turn around and be like “Hey! Why didn’t you say hi before?”

* Eddy recognizing someone he interviewed for his psych research dressed in an outfit composed entirely of fringe.

* Q101, a station that’s generally associated with cock rock and asinine assholes whining about how their bitch hates them, giving out pins declaring themselves “The Queer Alternative.” I hope they realized the irony, but I doubt it.

* Two of the Dykes on Bykes (a gang of motorcycle-riding lesbians, for the uninitiated) getting into an accident going approximately four miles an hour, then getting in a mini-fight. I thought the audience was going to be like the Jerry Springer audience and start chanting “We love lesbians! We love lesbians!”

I’ll post more if I can think of anything else, but those were some of the highlights.

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