Fiscal Irresponsibility is Fun! 4

It all started when a coworker came up to me tuesday and said, “You’re big into tech stuff, right?” Always dangerous words, but I had no idea how dangerous they would prove this time.

And so it was that he told me of the absolutely absurd deal he got on a really, really nice Panasonic HDTV from a liquidator in Silicon Valley, hired to dispose of some late-2006 model plasmas with little to no wear and tear at low low prices.

How low? Less than half of what the 42″, really high quality plasmas were going for new. Enough that instead of simply getting the television I could afford, I got the entire A/V setup I wanted for the money I’d saved up.

After some hemming and hawing (and coming thisclose to convincing Nate and Liz to be as stupid as I am), I went for the deal. Because it was going to be super-expensive to ship, I convinced Nate to come with me to Menlo Park to pick it up today.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Gigantic Damn Television:

Now since Nate and I are both huge geeks, we looked at the map and realized we were going to only be a few miles from Cupertino. Since we were running a good bit early, we decided to make a quick stop:

And to take our nerdiness officially over the top:

When I asked one Charlie Chaplin the Cat what he thought of this entire endeavor, he pulled this face, which I’ll bet more than a couple of you are pulling right now:

Special thanks to Nate, who not only accompanied me and had the intestinal fortitude to resist purchasing one on the spot (which I surely could not have done), but who helped my half-cripped ass lug the damn thing up to my apartment.

Nate, without you, I couldn’t watch spectacularly awful television in truly spectacular HD.

More TK when I get the HD TiVo (oh you better believe it) and everything else up and running.

4 thoughts on “Fiscal Irresponsibility is Fun!

  1. Reply TRoyal Jan 28,2007 4:32 pm

    That’s beautiful. The TV, too, but the Apple campus visit was beautiful.

  2. Reply Laz Jan 28,2007 7:45 pm

    HDTV! WOO! If it’s really that good a deal, can I get another one?!

  3. Reply Ellen Jan 28,2007 7:55 pm

    I forgot to mention, if anyone wants info on the deal I got, email me.

  4. Reply joanna Feb 6,2007 9:35 pm

    i love that the ground cover to the left of the apple sign is totally gone. you two mustn’t be the only techno-geeks in the world…

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