And How Was Your Cinco de Mayo?

Did it go a little something like this? I have to say, they got the perfect announcer voice for that. The list of side effects is also great. Courtesy Dave Barry’s Blog.


Via Defamer, Michel Gondry demonstrates that even semi-insane yet excellent directors can end up with too much time on their hands…or feet: Seriously, I can’t even solve those goddamn things with both hands, concentrating really hard.

Kids: Wise Beyond Their Years

While pursuing Deadspin today, I ran across this video of some of my fellow ‘Skins fans expressing their frustration with the team this year: Sadly for these kids, when I was their age, the ‘Skins won two Super Bowls over the course of four years. I think they’re going to have to wait a while ...

Sometimes, I Miss My Old Job

Not because I miss the sheer insanity it involved, but because I would really love to know what they had to cut out of this clip. Hat tip to Defamer.