Happy Purim! 1

I have no Hamentashen on hand, so instead, enjoy “Jewno”: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQE045CkDpY&hl=en] I already knew J.K. Simmons (the dad) was awesome, but the fact that he actually appeared in this raises my opinion of him even higher. Courtesy Defamer.

Why I Wish I Was A Cartoon Voice-Over Artist

Because then I’d get to participate in unbelievably awesome stuff like this, from the voices behind Spongebob Squarepants: via Dave Barry’s blog and BoingBoing.

For A Guy With No Legs, He Kicks A Lot Of Ass

An aside huzzah: I now have a replacement replacement computer. Let’s see if this one works for more than a day. I was catching up with Fark links for the last day when I came across a fascinating story about a man with no legs who surreptitiously took pictures of everyone who stared at him ...

A Distressingly Close Approximation Of My Office At The Moment

Is shown in this video from the kids at Late Night With Conan O’Brien. You can’t hear the buzz of the overhead fluorescent lights as loudly as you can in my office right now, but the level of deadness is pretty comparable.

Sarcastic British Geeks = Hilarity 1

My cousin Mark, who enjoys the Halo series very much, sent me the following video, which he said captured his feelings about Halo 3 very well. I’m not a gamer much beyond Tetris and desperately trying to find a Wii (and then finding it at the one point I couldn’t afford it) for the last ...

On A Lighter, More Baseball-Related Note… 1

Two bits of post-World Series amusement, firstly from The Onion’s Sports department: Colorado Rockies: ‘What The Fuck Just Happened?’ .onion_embed {background: rgb(256, 256, 256) !important;border: 4px solid rgb(65, 160, 65);border-width: 4px 0 1px 0;margin: 10px 30px !important;padding: 5px;overflow: hidden !important;zoom: 1;}.onion_embed img {border: 0 !important;}.onion_embed a {display: inline;}.onion_embed a.img {float: left !important;margin: 0 5px 0 ...

He Ate WHAT?!

I listen to the BBC Global News Podcast in the car while I’m schlepping various things around Los Angeles, because it’s an easy way for me to maintain my goal of being reasonably informed about the rest of the world. It’s normally fairly straightforward and British and reserved, but with one rather odd story to ...

A Call For Koreans

Because I would love a translation and/or explanation for the following video of Korean baseball teams fighting: glumbert – Hold your feet! Korean baseball gets strange Although I have to admit, I think I would enjoy it very much if the next time Barry Bonds gets hit by a pitch, he just started hopping out ...

Odd Jobs

I am not the only member of my family with a job that is a bit unusual. My stepbrother Rob does PR for Chik-Fil-A, which is how he ended up doing the weather in a cow costume on the local Fox morning show in Atlanta.

That Is The Question 3

Will It Blend? is a hysterically awesome series of two-minute-ish videos produced by a company that makes industrial-strength blenders for the home. They take all sorts of shit (everything from a fruit smoothie to a rake to a bunch of old cellphones), toss it in one of their blenders, then ask the simple question, “Will ...