Travel Fun Update 2

I just recieved the following email from the airline which will be schlepping me to Atlanta tomorrow night, emphasis mine: Dear Valued Customer, We see that you purchased a ticket for an upcoming flight with us. As you may know, federal authorities have issued new security procedures that may impact any upcoming travel. As a ...

Oh Goody

Well, I certainly picked a delightful weekend to fly to Atlanta.

The One Life Form Lower Than Landlords

Rental Agents. Let me share a little backstory on this one. I’ve been looking for a new apartment for some time now, but I’ve been very picky, trying to find a good deal in the neighborhoods I want to live in. Deals, I’ve found, are few and far between. So I finally find a place, ...

Confidence in Our Chief Executive

A view into exactly how big a jackass our Commander in Chief is, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. Link requires registration, so here’s the best (and/or most egregious) part, emphasis mine: Tugging at their pride, and perhaps straining their loyalty, the exerciser in chief presided Tuesday over the latest inductees into the 100-Degree Club ...

Management Sucks

As much as I hate the incompetent cheapskate nitwits that own my building, I occasionally need to be reminded that it could be a lot worse. My condolences to the folks at Urban Therapy on the flotation status of their Big Ass TV.

Bye Bye Wallet

I believe I’ll be riding my bike to work for the next several months.

Damn You, HBO 2

Things I did not want to see at the end of a brilliant preview of next week’s episode of Deadwood, after this week’s brilliant episode: “Only 3 Episodes Left!” Mother. FUCKERS. I still cannot believe they cancelled my favorite motherfucking show on television.

A Colossal Waste Of Time 1

Can be found right here. Create your own motivational or demotivational posters. Here’s a couple fun ones I whipped up:

The Most Interesting Show On Television This Summer 2

There is a massive glut of bad reality shows on television this summer, and it’s enough to drive anyone into actually leaving the house and/or getting a life. There’s one show, however, that’s utterly fascinating. That show is 30 Days. I liked the first season last year, and this year, I think they’ve kept the ...

Not A Moment Too Soon

Hooray! It’s finally cool enough to just switch to letting the breeze come in at night, instead of running the a/c all day and all night and running up a giant electric bill!