Those Classy Brits

They ask the tough questions, and they use entirely non-suggestive illustrations:

More Fun With Local News

While watching the Salt Lake City local news tonight, I heard the following sentence: Members of a local family spent Christmas in the hospital after exchanging stab wounds instead of gifts. Obviously not a funny subject, but the way they worded that made me burst out laughing.

Where Do I Apply For A Canadian Work Visa Again?

The secretary of the Air Force suggests testing crowd-control weapons on US citizens. I mean, I can sort of see the twisted logic that makes him think this is a good idea (i.e., if we’re not willing to use it on our citizens, then we shouldn’t be using it on foreigners because it will make ...

Predictable Deaths of the Weekend 2

Most of the attention in the Predictable Death sphere has been focused on Steve Irwin getting killed by a stingray, but there’s another that’s flown somewhat under the radar. Just outside D.C., a psychiatrist who was a nationally known expert in dealing with violent schitzophrenics was killed by a violent schitzophrenic. Generally things like this ...

Just Thinking About This Story Gives Me The Willies 1

Not that there was much danger of it to begin with, but I am not going anywhere NEAR Alabama anytime soon.