Yep, Still Unemployed

Another pair of unemployment funnies around the internets for your time-killing pleasure. From Indexed: From Garfield Minus Garfield:

Link Dump

A clearance of links I’ve been meaning to post, but haven’t had time to expand into full commentaries due to work/houseguest/laziness: Laz posted to his work blog a transcript of the most awesomely insane phone call I’ve heard of in some time. Courtesy of Weigel, a sampling of some really, really awesome audio excerpts from ...

Amusing Things From The Interweb 2

Thing the first: Los Angeles apparently has the best mass transit system in the country. Metro beat out major transit agencies in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., to win the award. Clean-air buses, customer satisfaction and expanded service all helped Metro secure the national award. It’s a lot easier to keep customers satisfied when ...

NU Football Fun 1

Link dump! Laz finds the most appropriately named NU Football reporter ever and ESPN reports on what is perhaps the oddest tribute to Randy Walker NU could possibly have come up with.