Fun With Contextual Advertising 1

The L.A. Times ran a brilliant editorial today, picking off one by one the arguments for Proposition 8, which seeks to amend the California state constitution to ban gay marriage. However, they should probably consider turning off their context-based advertising on their editorials. Because with contextual advertising, you end up with screenshots like this (click ...

Reassurance for Liberals 1

Someone at my office showed me this, and being a liberal who’s wondering how exactly we’re going to fuck this election up, I find it oddly reassuring:

Oh, L.A.

A fun Los Angeles moment this evening (or this morning, really, since this was when I was coming home at 12:30AM): Speeding down La Brea towards the 10, I came up behind a new-looking sliver Porsche Carerra. The CA plate: 0 IQ. Sadly, it was just some typical douchebag driving it and not a hot ...

And Now, For Something Completely Surreal 1

Courtesy of the Best Week Ever blog and a disturbingly large number of people I know from my days at The Ellen DeGeneres Show who are now working over at at Bonnie Hunt: Bonnie Hunt and Jimmy Kimmel make imaginary meatloaf. More updates when I’m not flat-out exhausted, probably sometime around Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz 2

What is this an ad for? Click to find out. And laugh.

Oh, Snap! 1

The Daily Show’s research team truly outdid themselves last night, digging up some awesome double-talk about the Palin nomination. Take it away, kids:


Joanna’s wedding was lovely. Very nice, very low-key, and a fun reception. I will say: I was impressed with the swiftness of the ceremony. I have been to at least five weddings of various friends and family where the vows alone were longer than the entire ceremony was here. An excellent strategy for preventing weeping ...

Fun From The Spam Pile

A few of the more entertaining subject lines from my spam box, all of which feature Paris Hilton since I think people will believe she has done any or all of the following: Paris Hilton denies screwing Ron Paul Paris Hilton Wins Pulitzer Prize [okay, this one may stretch the bounds of believability] Paris Hilton ...

And You Thought You Were Immature 1

I see your giggling at inappropriate Olympic medalist names and raise you my hysterical laughter at Barack Obama’s Inconvenient Snorkel. Hat tip to TWoP co-founder Tara Ariano‘s blog.

(Insert Your Own Joke About Tittering)

I’ll be stopping in Vegas again tomorrow night, and staying at…The Hooters Casino Hotel. Hilarity will doubtlessly ensue.