A Quick Preview

I went to the L.A. Pride Parade in West Hollywood today and took a bajillion pictures, which it’ll probably take me a solid couple days to upload. I’ll be putting up a slideshow when I’m done. In the meantime, please enjoy this preview of things to come:

Department Of Titlular Hilarity 1

I get a little listing of all the movies in development and/or about to go into production, which I use to cold-call and beg people for jobs. Occasionally I see a title so goofy that I think, “That can’t possibly be real.” Or at least I do until I see a story in the trades ...

Marine Life Rebels

An octopus managed to flood some of the small aquarium at the Santa Monica Pier today by opening up a valve inside the tank. Joel pointed out when I sent him the story that perhaps inside an octopus tank is not a great place for a valve that can be turned by, say, an octopus. ...

Link Dump

A clearance of links I’ve been meaning to post, but haven’t had time to expand into full commentaries due to work/houseguest/laziness: Laz posted to his work blog a transcript of the most awesomely insane phone call I’ve heard of in some time. Courtesy of Weigel, a sampling of some really, really awesome audio excerpts from ...

There Can Only Be One

I worked a 16 hour day and it broke my brain, so instead of anything coherent, please enjoy this video of a kitten pile on a Roomba: iRobot really needs to adapt my name for the Roomba as their slogan: The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy. via Cute Overload.

Weekend Randomness

Things are still batty at work, but at least I have a whole weekend this weekend. I have taken advantage of it by sleeping an enormous amount and swimming 3km this morning. So, in the continuing spirit of not really feeling like doing anything of substance, I present some weekend randomness. First, a video from ...

Conehead 2

Chaplin and his hilariously sad cone/satellite dish collar, critiquing my queue of BSG episodes.

Superhero Lamp

My current Crackberry doesn’t have a camera, and there are definitely times like tonight where I wish it had one. I went to visit Chaplin in the animal hospital (hopefully I can take him home tomorrow but they want to keep him under observation for another night) and they had finally taken out the tube ...

Raaaaar! Tsunami! 3

I went for a big long bike ride yesterday, and ran across one of these signs (photo stolen from the interwebs, but it looked exactly like this): I don’t know if it’s just me, but I was just amused by what I saw in the design: A big roaring monster wave chasing a bunch of ...

I Have Been Trying To Teach Chaplin How To Do This For Years 1

And I’m amused that this cat who resembles him has managed to learn how to do it: I think the only thing missing from this video is the Benny Hill theme music.