Fun Toy 4

There’s a new website where you can create your own Colbert Report “On Notice” board. Here’s mine: Orange Cat Torturing Chaplin, you’re officially On Notice.

An Unexpected Snag

Packing is going to take a lot longer than I thought it would if Chaplin keeps up his current trend of jumping in every single box I try to pack. I know cats really, really like boxes, but this is ridiculous.


TiVo recorded Twister for me, which was amusing, because it’s a great example of one of my favorite genres: the Hilariously Bad Disaster Movie. The leads, for the most part, fall to the level of the material. But look at the supporting cast, and it’s really striking how many really decent actors are in it, ...

I Need To Learn To Play This

And now, your moment Simpsons-related zen. via Dave Barry’s blog

At Last, Honesty From An Airline 1

It comes, in a very NSFW fashion, from RyanAir’s page on New Airport Security Procedures. Courtesy Consumerist.