Ooh, Shiny

New Blogger has arrived, and I have just found the way I will be wasting the time I’m spending not skiing (and not working on other stuff I should be working on): Going through my archives and tagging all my posts. Sweet. Edit: I’m trying to get the label alignment work right (they should be ...

I Am Now Officially An Asshole

This Onion article is hilarious from beginning to end, even more so because I just finally got rid of my Treo and got almost the exact same model of Blackberry mentioned: New Mobile-Device Purchase Makes Asshole More Versatile NEW YORK—The new BlackBerry 8703c has allowed total shithead Robert McClain to assign more work to his ...

The Anti-Crap Cam 1

I bought a Nikon D50 about a month and a half ago because really, I need some of the most advanced photographic technology available to take a picture this cute: More photo phun is available at my flickr site. Chaplin’s going to hate my guts very, very soon. Especially once I get a macro lens ...

Success! 1

If you can read this, Time Warner Cable officially just got much lower on my Shit List.

Give Me One Reason 3

Ok, contingent on there being decent cell reception in my new place: Can anyone think of one good reason I should keep my landline?

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part 2

Possible big announcement coming tomorrow…well, today. Possible big venting of frustration. Stay tuned, it’ll be one or the other. Note: This has nothing to do with either this or this. Although both of these things do raise my gadget-nerd-o-meter to dangerous levels.

Me vs. Electronics

ROUND 1: ME vs APPLE The pins on my ethernet port are all bent out of shape, so I head over to the Apple store to see if they could replace the port. They take one look at it and tell me I’ll have to mail it in. So I go back to the office ...

The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy 1

It is here. It has to charge for sixteen freakin’ hours before I can use it to entertain Chaplin, so the full report will have to wait until tomorrow night. However: I am fucking giddy about trying this out. I own a robot! This is the coolest thing ever.

Signs That Perhaps I Watch Too Much Television 6

I had to create a spreadsheet, with the aid of the Futon Critic’s schedule, to figure out which TiVo to use to record which show for the upcoming fall season. While doing that, I determined that, if I permanently add every show I’m trying out, I will be recording 25.5 hours of television a WEEK. ...

A Modest Proposal 1

I was describing my ongoing troubles with Chaplin to my mom, and she mentioned that when her old cat was acting up, the vet suggested she try and interact and play with him more. I said, well, that’s all well and good, but I’m out of the house about fifteen hours a day most days, ...