Spam Subject Line Of The Week

Made it through my web server’s spam filter, so I got it on my crackberry (although it did get caught by my mail program’s spam filter): Vacuum Carrot Elephant Meteor Backpack There’s something eloquent in the utter randomness.

Sarcastic British Geeks = Hilarity 1

My cousin Mark, who enjoys the Halo series very much, sent me the following video, which he said captured his feelings about Halo 3 very well. I’m not a gamer much beyond Tetris and desperately trying to find a Wii (and then finding it at the one point I couldn’t afford it) for the last ...

Damn You, Time Warner Cable 1

You and your “system upgrades” that leave my interwebs running at the speed of cold molasses (ie, 400kb/s). Seriously, if I wanted speeds this slow, I’d save myself $25 a month and get DSL. I’d better be able to view four thousand pictures of cats with goofy captions nigh instantaneously when this “upgrade” is finished.

Mmmm, Pointlessly Translucent 1

If you can read this, Leopard has been successfully installed on my computer. I’ll be spending my saturday night enjoying all the hilariously pointless translucence I can handle, because I am the most easily amused person on earth. Shiny!


So as my fellow Mac nerds know, it’s Leopard Day, and no, I am not in line with the rest of the fanboys. Sadly, this is not just because I really needed to save the $45 the $20 off and $25 rewards certificate I had at Amazon bought me. No, this is because I’m so ...

That Is The Question 3

Will It Blend? is a hysterically awesome series of two-minute-ish videos produced by a company that makes industrial-strength blenders for the home. They take all sorts of shit (everything from a fruit smoothie to a rake to a bunch of old cellphones), toss it in one of their blenders, then ask the simple question, “Will ...

Because I Have Already Been Asked Several Times

No, I am not getting an iPhone. I had a very bad experience with Cingular in college, and even though it’s now AT&T, you still couldn’t pay me to deal with those assholes again, I don’t give a shit if the iPhone turns lead into gold or whatnot. At least I’m saving myself $600!

Happy Nerd Alert! 1

This is why you should not give nerds like me a new computer like the one that showed up on my doorstep two days early today. Because we will do shit like this: The good news is, by running a benchmark test that compares the same stuff on both computers, the new one is 5x ...

Indecision 3

I want to buy a new computer. I’d been planning to buy a new computer around now, until Apple pushed back the release of its new operating system, Leopard, from WWDC (which was last week) to October. Common sense says I should wait the four and a half months it’ll take for Leopard/iLife to come ...

Damn You, Apple

You are sorely testing me, you evil fruit. First, you push back Leopard until October, then you go and release these shiny new LED backlit laptops that I would have bought sometime in the next month with a copy of Leopard had it come out on time. Instead, my aging, creaking, full, angry PowerBook will ...