Fun With The CrapCam 2

Chaplin is still adjusting to the new apartment. Guess which one is the real Chaplin and win a prize!* note: prize is the satisfaction of being right.

An Unexpected Snag

Packing is going to take a lot longer than I thought it would if Chaplin keeps up his current trend of jumping in every single box I try to pack. I know cats really, really like boxes, but this is ridiculous.

The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy 1

It is here. It has to charge for sixteen freakin’ hours before I can use it to entertain Chaplin, so the full report will have to wait until tomorrow night. However: I am fucking giddy about trying this out. I own a robot! This is the coolest thing ever.

A Rich Fucking Tapestry

The most exciting moment of my day was when I came home and discovered that there was no cat puke anywhere in my house. I need to get a life. edit: But first, I need to pass along this portrait of Chaplin as a young cat.

Drugs 1

Well, drugs ain’t gonna get Chaplin to stop biting me. Well, maybe they would, but they cause him to puke like the kid in The Exorcist, so I’m not going to find out. Poor dumb kitty.

Spot The Hole In The Logic! 4

Having taken Chaplin to the vet and determined that his tendency to use me as a chew toy isn’t caused by any underlying medical issue, the vet suggested putting him on Prozac for a couple of months. Let me repeat that: In order to get my cat to stop biting me, I have to make ...

A Modest Proposal 1

I was describing my ongoing troubles with Chaplin to my mom, and she mentioned that when her old cat was acting up, the vet suggested she try and interact and play with him more. I said, well, that’s all well and good, but I’m out of the house about fifteen hours a day most days, ...

Home Sweet OW!

I don’t think Chaplin was happy with me leaving him alone for two days. The evidence: 1. Kitty puked in a couple of strategic places that were not immediately obvious upon my return home. That was fun when I finally found it. 2. Kitty, after curling up on my chest for a while to lull ...