A Quasi-Analog Vacation

Well, I’m now pretty damn glad I got the iPhone.

I’m leaving tomorrow to visit dad and Ray Ann in Idaho and of course, last night one of the speakers on my laptop decided it didn’t want to go on the trip.

A few seconds of popping, and then an unbelievably high pitched squealing that did not stop until I turned the computer off were all I needed to send me running to the Apple store.

I knew I was probably going to lose the computer for a few days for the repair, so I ran a backup and went to do one final sync of my iPhone…and the whole thing went nuts.

The phone didn’t sync right, I had to restore from a backup, the whole thing was just so annoying. Luckily after considerable fiddling I got it to work, but I was still re-syncing all my music when I got to the Apple store.

The speaker was pretty clearly a hardware issue, so they’re going to fix it. Of course, it’s a 5-7 day turnaround, so I just sucked it up and handed over my computer, asking them to run every diagnostic they has so if anything else was screwy, it’d at least get fixed now.

Godspeed, little computer.

So now I get to have another laptop-less vacation because of a hardware issue (my video card crapped out at Christmas, if you recall).

I think this one will be a little more survivable for 2 reasons – the iPhone is considerably easier to use as a standalone device than the crackberry was, and the fact that it’s Idaho instead of Connecticut also helps.

It’s biking and hiking and fishing and rafting, and not sitting and eating and sitting and eating. It’s the fact that I’m driving and can hop in my own car if my folks start to drive me nuts and just go out.

All that to say: I’m off to Vegas tomorrow morning, then up to Idaho on Wednesday. Hope you all have a good week, and I apologize if I’m slightly incommunicado.

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