News In Action 3

The local news that shows up in the “Headline News Local Edition” here was interviewing people at the Grammys last night about Boobgate and its impact on the awards show.

They spoke to, in the following order:

– Patti LaBelle (who filled in as a presenter for Ms. Jackson)

– Weird Al Yankovic (who seems to have something intelligent to say about everything, despite his hair)

– Amber Tamblyn (uh…she’s hot?)

– Hugh Hefner (it’s about a boobie. CLEARLY, you must talk to Hef)

Gotta love quality news reporting.

3 thoughts on “News In Action

  1. Reply Dave Weigel Feb 10,2004 4:36 am

    Who names a kid “Amber Tamblyn”? They’re lucky she grew up mattressable.

  2. Reply Ellen Feb 10,2004 10:02 am


    Oh, and as for who names their kid Amber Tamblyn, that would be Hippies who became Yuppies for 500, Alex.

  3. Reply Dave Weigel Feb 10,2004 10:28 pm

    I am plagiarizing a comment from Buffy, as I’m given to doing these days. It means “the kind of girl you would not might getting under the sheets.”

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