I’ve Lost It 3

I just worked a 12-hour day for no pay, and I loved every second of it.

Clearly, the men in white coats will be showing up at my door as I’m trying to decide what in my apartment might possibly still be edible.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Lost It

  1. Reply Kim Dec 6,2003 4:52 am

    They’re coming to take me away aha!

    Ellen, if it makes you feel better, I work a 10-hour day very often including weekends, but am only paid for a 6-hour one. But those lazy ass teachers, they get the whole summer off!

    Something about the paths we choose something something… ;)

  2. Reply Laz Dec 6,2003 5:17 am

    OH, you all can bite me. I work anywhere from 55-70 hours a week during the season (which is eight months long), and get paid for 37.5.

  3. Reply Ellen Dec 8,2003 8:32 am

    at least you get paid for the 37.5, Laz. i’m living the line “and the money kept rolling out” from Evita.

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