Work! 2

I’m back at work as of today, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be back. It’s sickening.

I wasn’t initially supposed to go back until the 16th, but my in-date got a couple changes, and I wound up going back to work for good today.

I always dreaded going back to school, although I think that’s mainly because I always hated school. I really like my job, so that helps a lot. It also helps that I’m getting paid instead of paying to be there.

But the human contact was so, so nice. It’s great to live alone when you’re working 12, 14 hour days and just don’t want to deal with people anymore after that.

When you’re unemployed, however, it can very quickly turn you into a complete hermit, and it certainly did for me while I was off.

I was broke, and most of the people I knew were out of town or working, so I did a lot of solo stuff. And it was fun, but I was climbing the walls after a while.

It was so nice to just talk and share bullshit stories with people (and hear a couple of pretty wild ones…I now know I will never be a maid of honor after one of them).

Now all I have to do is figure out how to deal with people at work annoucning pregnancies left and right. I swear, people were joking it was something in the water before, but now I’m convinced.

As soon as I get my health insurance up and running, I’m getting back on the pill immediately.

2 thoughts on “Work!

  1. Reply Cleo Aug 4,2004 4:26 pm

    Um… I wasn’t aware that pregnancy was something you actively worried about.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 5,2004 4:16 am

    Normally I wouldn’t. But given one of the pregnancies, I apparently should be worried about the water. Not even lesbians are safe from the pregnancy-inducing beverages at the show! Aaaaah!

    Although to stop kidding around to go into TMI territory, I want to get on that Seasonale stuff. One period every three months sounds fine and dandy to me. And probably would to the people I bitch at when I’m PMSing as well.

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