Woo Hoo! 3

Now I can much more realistically have no shot whatsoever with her!

Also, here’s a rather dippy article with the world’s most roundabout coming out story.

3 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!

  1. Reply Laz Sep 24,2004 4:16 pm

    The great thing is, it would have taken an assassination attempt to bump that HUGE NEWS STORY off the front page. And even then, the editors would have had to stop and think.

    I love the New York tabloids. They’re just so wonderfully absurd. (and the Daily News is the well-reputed and respecred one!)

  2. Reply Laz Sep 24,2004 4:17 pm

    er, respected. But you probably figured that out on your own.

  3. Reply Ellen Sep 25,2004 3:46 am

    My favorite part of all this: They came up with one of the lamest headlines they could have possibly come up with for this, and the NY Post story about it used the exact same one.

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