Why Watching Baseball In A Bar Is Better Than Watching At Home

So round about the sixth inning of tonight’s World Series game, Nate and I met up in a bar near his house. We had two amusing incidents in the four innings we watched:

Incident The First: A fairly drunk Irishman with a very thick accent came up to us and tried out his theory about how sport, in conjunction with beer, has been used since the 1500s to control the masses.

Then he claimed he was formerly a professional race-car driver, and told a story about a photographer who tried to get pictures of a Bengal tiger by moving its cubs, and ended up minus one finger in the process.

Highly entertaining.

Incident The Second: Bottom of the ninth, two women walk into the patio area where Nate and I are sitting. One is wearing an Astros hat (Nate, of course, is wearing a Sox hat, while I’m playing Switzerland in this Model UN by wearing a Nationals hat).

They, of course, start good-naturedly giving each other shit about how the other’s team is the suckiest bunch of sucks that has ever sucked.

As she’s talking loudly over the commentary to Nate, she says the words, “You know, you have to win four to win the series!”

Right after she completes that sentence, Podsednik launches the game-winning home run about a mile into the Chicago night.

Comedy, folks. It’s all in the timing.

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