What Do We Want? Repetitive Chants! Equal Rights! When Do We Want Them? NOW! 2

Sarcasm briefly aside, it was really nice to see the huge turnout (estimated by the cops at 12k, but really, looking at this picture, I think it’s a lot closer to their original estimate of 40k) at the big pro-gay-rights rally today, and some of the speakers were really great.

The head of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference pledging to fight for equal rights, the LA City Attorney announcing he’s joining the suit to get Prop. 8 overturned, and mayor Antonio “Look, Cameras!” Villaraigosa giving a great speech in both English and Spanish.

It was kind amusing to see the collection of gay-friendly celebrities the rally folks elected to trot out: Ricki Lake and Marisa Janet Winkour, the past and current Tracy Turnblads; as well as Lucy Lawless. Let me tell you, there were some excited lesbians about the latter.

The march, which was basically up Spring street about 3/4 of a mile and then back up Main the other direction, was pretty nice, with some fun repetitive chants, but with the temperature in downtown spiking above 90, it was pretty exhausting.

But really, when the gays protest anything, the signs are always the most fun aspect. Some of my personal favorites:

  • Spandex is a privelige, Marriage is a right!
  • Jesus said LOVE, bitches!
  • I assume the gay chickens will remain caged. [reference to the passage of Prop. 2, protecting the rights of chickens, at the same time as Prop. 8 stripped gays of their rights]
  • Every 10th Jesus is a Mary
  • Not all of us can marry Liza Minelli!
  • If you want to put a stop to gay sex, why not let us get married?

Also, go Wanda Sykes. Given the comments she makes to the guy with the podcast linked on that blog, I think she’s going to be a little surprised by the fuss her officially coming out kicks up. But I’m very proud of her and everyone else who’s been shaken out of their complacency by this stupid measure passing.

The overwhelming feeling I came away with from today was optimism. This won’t stand. Not for long. And that fact is incredibly heartening.

2 thoughts on “What Do We Want? Repetitive Chants! Equal Rights! When Do We Want Them? NOW!

  1. Reply Sean Nov 17,2008 7:43 pm

    Hey!! That Every 10th Jesus is a Mary sign was mine!!! Thanks for the love!

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 17,2008 8:15 pm

    Being that mom’s side of the family is Catholic, I rather appreciated that.

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