We’ve Managed to Bargain Them Down To…A Booting

So my orthopedist stuck me in a boot for a couple weeks starting last Thursday to try and stabilize my collapsing arch.

The boot is a little hilarious because it has a pump which can allegedly be used to pump up the cast to give more support. It’s about as effective as the pumps in my Reeboks in fifth grade, which is to say: Not effective at ALL.

Anyway, it seemed to be working over the weekend. My boss was out of town Thursday, and I just went to the gym (recumbent bike, which puts just about zero pressure on the ankle, plus arm-based lifting) and then slept all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

But Monday, when I went back to a real work schedule, the fa├žade came down. My job involves a lot of running around, and when you’ve got one of these fuckers on, it’s like dragging an anchor around.

The good news was that it seemed to be doing its job and making the parts of my foot that had been hurting hurt a lot less.

The bad news was, it’s so heavy and immobilizing it’s a) killing the rest of my lower left leg and b) making me absolutely exhausted.

I’ve already made two dumb mistakes at the end of the day this week because I was so tired I couldn’t focus on anything but getting home and getting my leg out of Foot Jail.

Luckily I’ve finally got a second and third opinion set up in the next week, so at least I’ll have some idea of what can finally be done to rid myself of this horseshit on a more permanent basis. And really, rid all you of it too, since I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop bitching about it though. I don’t think this blog would still exist if I didn’t have medical maladies to whine about.

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