Weather Karma

Apparently, I avoided this last year to a certain extent. This year, however, weather Karma has come back on the greater Los Angeles area in a big way.

LA is beautiful and sunny for about 80% of the year. The remainder of the time, apparently, is Monsoon Season.

I suppose as payment for living in what’s largely a tropical paradise (except for the smog), you’ve gotta have a Monsoon Season.

I couldn’t see two feet in front of my car tonight, and I practically needed a snorkel before I got on the freeway, I was driving through so much water.

It wasn’t as bad when I got closer to home since the basin has better natural drainage (i.e. everything just goes to the ocean) than the Valley.

But I made a stop on my way home from work in another part of Burbank, and getting back in my car I was in ankle-deep water where, 15 minutes earlier, there only been a normal little bit of runoff.

I’m seriously considering wearing my damn wetsuit to work tomorrow, even if only to the morning meeting as a joke.

Edited to add: For some reason Blogger’s been refusing to post this all day, but I did find out that LA has broken a 115-year-old record for rainfall in October, so I’m not just whining for nothing.

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