Wayback Machine 3

Continuing my theme of I Can’t Think of Anything Else To Post, let’s take a trip back to about this time of year in 1981, when I was young and my parents’ cat resented my existence:

I do love that picture. My parents are convinced Fat Cat is looking protective. I think he looks more like he’s thinking, “The second you turn your back on me, this kid is lunch.”

3 thoughts on “Wayback Machine

  1. Reply Joel Jul 28,2006 2:59 pm

    What the hell is that strange incubator contraption they have you in?

  2. Reply km Jul 28,2006 3:31 pm

    that looks like a stroller from the exorcist. that cat wasn’t protecting you, it was protecting the rest of the world. it seems, however, it failed ;)

  3. Reply Ellen Jul 28,2006 4:57 pm

    Heh. Someone gave that to my parents as a baby shower gift, and I guess it was expensive enough that they felt obligated to use it. I think it looks more 1880’s than 1980’s, but I didn’t have much control over their choice of baby-holding contraptions at that point.

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