Vacation Recap

So, a brief recap of my vacation:


I stayed with friends at the Golden Nugget; I broke even playing blackjack, stunning even myself; and I drank too much.


I went hiking; I went biking; I went to a big Jewish picnic at a fake Tuscan villa; I went fishing and caught three tiny fish while my dad caught one enormous one; I went whitewater rafting and got thrown out of the boat; and I drank too much.


I kayaked out into the middle of Lake Tahoe at 9am. It was gorgeous until the guy I rented the kayak from came jetskiing out to yell at me for being too far from shore. Oh, and I drank too much the night before.

San Francisco

I stayed with Katy in Berkeley; enjoyed the dulcet tones of her canine alarm clock since she lives next to an animal shelter; saw Barry Bonds hit one into the Bay at SBC park; and, last but not least, I drank too much.

And of course, I came home with three packs of mountain west beer that I can’t get in LA, so that I can continue to drink too much now that I’m home.

That was a damn good vacation.

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