So as my fellow Mac nerds know, it’s Leopard Day, and no, I am not in line with the rest of the fanboys.

Sadly, this is not just because I really needed to save the $45 the $20 off and $25 rewards certificate I had at Amazon bought me.

No, this is because I’m so busy from work overflowing into the weekend and three (three!) parties I have to attend to go installing a new operating system on my computer.

I rarely even have two things I absolutely have to do on the weekend, but I can think of at least twelve I have to do this weekend.

The fact that this week at work was insane on a level I’ve never seen before didn’t help, as it’s pushed several work things from the week to the weekend.

The bigger problem for my inner geek is that I don’t think I’m going to have time to install until not next weekend, but the weekend after. The disc, which is arriving Monday, will just sit there and taunt me for two weeks.

Next weekend I’m dragging my ass to San Diego, to visit my mother who will be there attending a conference. And weekdays? Fuhgeddaboutit, I’m up to my eyeballs and then some with work.

Even if the writers’ strike armageddon comes to pass (god forbid), I’m still not going to be out on my ass immediately enough to have the small consolation of being able to install a new OS, since we’ll be filming for a week or two on scripts that would already be written.

So I guess I’m just going to be a sad Mac for a couple weeks while I go out and try to have a life.

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