Too Bad Winter’s Over 3

One thing I do love about the end of winter is the proliferation of sales at various outdoor stores. Especially when they start trying to get rid of some of their more unusual products.

“Glove not included” is one of the more amusing disclaimers I’ve seen in a while.

3 thoughts on “Too Bad Winter’s Over

  1. Reply Laz Apr 8,2007 6:00 am

    I thought you didn’t have seasons out there…

  2. Reply Ellen Apr 8,2007 6:51 am

    Not in Los Angeles proper, no. You only have to go about 2 hours north to find real seasons, but most of the retailers I speak of are not here, but online and based in places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada.

  3. Reply Laz Apr 9,2007 1:03 am

    Islanders, woo!

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