To Russia, With Love 2

I don’t know why the story of the British super high-tech spy rocks amuses me so, but it really does.

I think it’s because something that seems like it’s from a bad James Bond movie might actually exist in real life.

It sort of reminded me of when the Daily Show recently had a former director of the CIA on (Porter Goss? I can’t remember) and when Jon Stewart joked about the CIA using poison-tipped umbrellas, he said with a straight face, “No, that was the Bulgarians.”

2 thoughts on “To Russia, With Love

  1. Reply Mark Jan 24,2006 3:42 pm

    Speaking of Russia.

    The Chechnyan plot line as “randome ethnic terrorist of the year” in 24? Huh. That’s different. Not necessarily good, but different.

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 25,2006 8:15 am

    I don’t think they’re explicitly Chechnyan. Obviously, it’s the model, but I don’t think they can use the actual name of the country without getting into some deep political shit.

    I think TWoP got it about right when it declared they’re from Terroristan.

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