Timing Is Everything 4

Especially if you’re New Orleans Magazine, and have published an article in your August issue about how to throw the best hurricane party.

Choice unfortunate sections:

In the unfortunate event that The Big One does comes our way, every hurricane party fits the potential for “the last thing you do before you die” category. With such a profound classification as that, the party had better be good. This level of enormity requires us to call in the big dog – the man who “at any given time is always having more fun than anyone else in the city,” according to a friend and colleague – local writer, man about town and unofficial hurricane-party expert Ian McNulty.

Most people would assume that serving Hurricane drinks are a natural fit for a hurricane party. But not McNulty – he thinks they’re a cliché.

A rookie mistake is buying cold beer.

Also, having a drunken party instead of fleeing a Category 5 hurricane.

(Thanks to Sploid for pointing this out)

4 thoughts on “Timing Is Everything

  1. Reply Dave Weigel Sep 1,2005 1:00 am

    This is easily the biggest media gaffe since Roger Myers’ controversial cartoon “Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors.”

  2. Reply Casey Sep 1,2005 1:55 am

    O. M. G.

    I would encourage people to cancel their subscriptions, but fortunately it looks like there’ll never be another issue.

  3. Reply mrs. e. Sep 1,2005 4:51 am

    in a halfhearted “defense”: aren’t most articles for monthly publications written weeks/months in advance?

    that said, though, the timing on this is nothing short of sucktastic.

  4. Reply Ellen Sep 1,2005 6:33 am

    Given my understanding of the lead times required by articles like this, this article was probably written sometime in April or May.

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