Tiki Tips 1

A few tips from Tiki Night with co-workers last night at the Tiki Ti:

1. Tiki Night should not take place on a night where you have to work the next day. You will be sorry.

2. Make sure you eat something nice and greasy before Tiki Night commences. I did not obey this rule, and I am currently paying the price.

3. Do not, particularly after having a Space Pilot and a Vicious Virgin, decide that you should order an Uga Booga to hear your co-workers and the rest of the bar chanting its name.

4. Definitely do not drink the Uga Booga. There’s enough Myers Dark Rum in there to stun an elephant.

5. Note what normally serene co-workers are shouting at a large group of screeching girls to “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” It makes for entertaining office banter in the morning.

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  1. Reply km Apr 28,2006 11:30 pm

    teachers are quiet drunks. i need to change careers ;)

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