Thoughts Upon Recieving This Week’s Issue of Newsweek 2

Anthony Williams is the mayor of Washington, DC. He looks like this (though the lighting in this shot is making him look a bit Vader-ish):

I thought Anthony Williams was the dippiest-looking mayor I’d ever live under.

Oh, was I ever wrong:

Oh, Mayor-Elect Villaraigosa. I know most of the time you look far less insane and dippy than you do in this picture.

But you’ve managed to look dippier than a grown man who wears a bow tie. My hat is off to you, my friend. That’s an accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Upon Recieving This Week’s Issue of Newsweek

  1. Reply Laz May 25,2005 8:29 pm

    Anthony Williams looks like Pierre Bernard (he of the Recliner of Rage) from Conan O’Brien…

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