This Is Going To Be An Oogly Winter 4

First, there was yesterday’s First “It’s Snowing Here” Text of the Winter from someone in Chicago (Hi, Mark!).

Then, there was the giant Friday the 13th snowstorm in Buffalo.

And now, it’s pouring rain in L.A. Rainy season here normally doesn’t start until late January.

This is going to be a very long winter.

4 thoughts on “This Is Going To Be An Oogly Winter

  1. Reply Nate Oct 16,2006 5:02 pm

    Not true. In my opinion rainy season starts in Early November.

  2. Reply Casey Oct 17,2006 3:04 am

    Well, either way, good luck surviving another ferocious Los Angeles winter!

  3. Reply Ellen Oct 17,2006 5:18 am

    It’ll be almost as bad as yours in Scottsdale, Casey!

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